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If you're looking for reliable vehicle inspection, then you're in the right place. Our team of experienced mechanics has seen it all (trucks, cars, SUVs) and knows exactly how to bring them back to working order with quality service. For each vehicle we inspect, our goal is to ensure that the customer feels safe and comfortable knowing their vehicles are in great condition and running smoothly. We understand how important it is for you to trust the integrity of your car or truck so that's why we take the extra step in inspecting each and every part thoroughly. Whether you're a new owner or a long-time driver, we guarantee thoroughness and satisfaction with our inspections!

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    Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection Services in Thousand Oaks, California

    Welcome to Auto Precision Repair, your trusted auto repair shop in Thousand Oaks, CA, specializing in European and Japanese car brands, including Mercedes Benz. Our certified technicians provide top-notch vehicle inspection services to ensure your car meets all safety and performance requirements.

    Our Vehicle Inspection Services

    General Vehicle Inspection

    Our general vehicle inspection covers a thorough examination of your car’s essential systems and components, such as:

    • Engine and transmission
    • Suspension and steering
    • Brakes and tires
    • Exhaust system
    • Lights and electrical systems
    • Fluid levels

    Regular inspections help maintain your vehicle’s performance and prevent costly repairs down the line.

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    Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection

    Make an informed decision when buying a pre-owned European or Japanese car. Our detailed pre-purchase vehicle inspection provides you with a comprehensive evaluation, ensuring you don’t face unexpected repairs after purchasing the car.

    California State-Mandated Vehicle Inspection

    Stay compliant with California’s state-mandated safety and emissions standards. Our experienced technicians will conduct the required tests and provide you with the necessary documentation.


    Why Choose Auto Precision Repair for Your Vehicle Inspection?

    • Expertise: Our certified technicians have extensive experience inspecting European and Japanese cars, including Mercedes Benz.
    • Quality: We use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and equipment to deliver accurate and reliable vehicle inspection results.
    • Customer Satisfaction: We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service and helping you keep your car running smoothly and safely.

    Customer Testimonial

    “I’ve been taking my Mercedes Benz to Auto Precision Repair for inspections and maintenance for the past two years. Their team is always professional, thorough, and reliable. I highly recommend them!” – John D., Thousand Oaks, CA

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    Brake Repair

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    When it comes to safety, your brakes are of utmost importance. Our brake repair services include pad and rotor replacement, brake fluid flushes, and more. If you notice squeaking, grinding, or a soft brake pedal, it’s time to bring your vehicle to our auto service center in Thousand Oaks, CA, for a thorough inspection.

    Key benefits of our brake repair services:

    • Improved safety
    • Longer brake system lifespan
    • Better driving experience
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    Oil Change

    oil change


    Regular oil changes are crucial for maintaining your vehicle’s engine health. At Auto Precision Repair, we offer various oil types, including conventional, synthetic, and high-mileage options. Our technicians will help you determine the recommended oil change intervals for your specific vehicle, ensuring optimal performance.

    Why choose us for your oil change needs:

    • Fast and efficient service
    • High-quality oil options
    • Affordable prices
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    Transmission Repair

    transmission repair


    A well-functioning transmission is essential for a smooth driving experience. Our auto service center in Thousand Oaks, CA, specializes in transmission repair, addressing common issues like fluid leaks, slipping gears, and strange noises. Don’t let a faulty transmission ruin your drive – visit us for expert diagnosis and repair.

    What sets our transmission repair apart:

    • Skilled technicians with years of experience
    • State-of-the-art diagnostic equipment
    • Transparent pricing and excellent customer service
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    Vehicle Inspection

    Vehicle Inspection


    Our comprehensive vehicle inspection process covers everything from your engine to your exhaust system. Regular inspections help identify potential issues early, saving you time and money in the long run. Trust our skilled technicians to thoroughly examine your vehicle and provide recommendations based on their findings.

    Benefits of our vehicle inspection service:

    • Early detection of potential problems
    • Improved safety and performance
    • Peace of mind on the road
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    Preventative Maintenance

    preventive maintenance


    Preventative maintenance services, such as fluid checks, filter replacements, and tire rotations, are crucial for keeping your vehicle running smoothly. At Auto Precision Repair in Thousand Oaks, CA, our team ensures that your car receives the proper care it needs to minimize the risk of costly repairs down the road.

    Why choose our preventative maintenance services:

    • Prolonged vehicle life
    • Reduced risk of breakdowns
    • Better fuel efficiency
    Schedule Preventative Maintenance


    Engine Repair

    engine repair


    Engine problems can be frustrating and expensive if left unaddressed. Our experienced technicians offer engine repair services for various issues, including overheating, leaks, and strange noises. Trust Auto Precision Repair in Thousand Oaks, CA, to get your vehicle back on the road quickly and efficiently.

    Advantages of our engine repair services:

    • Skilled professionals with years of experience
    • State-of-the-art diagnostic tools
    • Competitive pricing and exceptional customer service
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    What Is A Vehicle Inspection And What Does It Include?

    A vehicle inspection is a comprehensive and detailed examination of a vehicle to determine its safety, performance and roadworthiness. The inspection process typically includes checking the condition of the engine, transmission, brake system, steering system, suspension components, tires and wheels as well as other major components such as lights, wipers and electrical systems. The aim of this type of inspection is to identify any issues that may affect the overall safety or operation of the vehicle. If any problems are found during an inspection they should be addressed before allowing the vehicle back on the road. In some cases minor repairs can be done immediately while more serious issues may require additional parts or servicing which could take longer to complete.

    In addition to inspecting for mechanical faults, a vehicle inspection also includes an assessment of the vehicle’s emissions. This helps to ensure that the vehicle is operating within the legal limits for air pollution and fuel efficiency. The results of these tests may be used as a guide for when servicing or repairs should be taken care of, allowing you to keep your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently.

    Finally, some states require periodic inspections of all vehicles in order to keep them legally registered and insured. These are often referred to as “safety inspections” and may include a more thorough evaluation of specific items such as brakes, steering components and tires. It’s important to note that even if a state doesn’t require a safety inspection, it’s still recommended to have one done periodically to help identify any potential problems before they become an issue.

    A vehicle inspection is a vital part of maintaining the safety and reliability of any vehicle. Whether it’s to meet legal requirements or simply keep your car running smoothly, no two inspections are ever the same and each one can reveal something different about your vehicle. By taking the time to have a regular inspection you can help ensure that your car remains safe and reliable on the roads for years to come.

    For more information about vehicle inspections, it is best to consult a qualified mechanic. They will be able to advise you as to what components should be inspected and when they should be serviced or replaced. They can also explain the process in detail so that you can make sure your car stays safe and reliable for many years to come. By understanding the importance of having regular vehicle inspections and taking care of any repairs or maintenance needed, you can help ensure the safety and reliability of your vehicle for years to come.


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    Why Are Vehicle Inspections Important?

    Vehicle inspections are important because they can help protect your safety, the environment and ensure that your vehicle is running efficiently. Regularly inspecting your vehicle can help you detect problems early on before they become more serious and expensive to repair. The results of a professional inspection can also provide you with peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is safe to drive.

    Inspections are an important part of owning a car as they can help identify potential risks such as worn brakes, defective headlights or weak suspension parts. A thorough inspection will check all major components of the car including brakes, fluids, air filter and tire treads among other things. It’s beneficial to have a reliable mechanic inspect your car from time-to-time in order to keep it in good condition and running efficiently.

    Inspections are also important for environmental reasons as they can help identify issues that cause air pollution such as worn spark plugs or a malfunctioning exhaust system. If these problems aren’t addressed, they can lead to more serious issues and potential fines from the state or federal government if you’re found to be violating emissions standards.

    Finally, having your car inspected regularly is important because it can protect your finances by helping you avoid expensive repair costs down the line. Having an inspection done on a regular basis allows problems to be caught early on and fixed before they become major issues. This will save you money in the long run by reducing repair costs and keeping your vehicle running smoothly for longer than if these problems were left unchecked.

    Overall, vehicle inspections are important for safety, environmental and economic reasons. It’s beneficial to have your car inspected on a regular basis by a professional mechanic in order to keep it running efficiently, conserve resources and save money on repair costs down the line.


    What Are The Benefits Of Getting A Vehicle Inspection?

    • Keeps Your Vehicle Safe: A vehicle inspection is an important part of maintaining your car’s safety and reliability. During the inspection, mechanics examine different components of your car to ensure they are in good working order and functioning properly. This helps reduce the risk of dangerous accidents caused by malfunctioning parts or systems.
    • Helps You Spot Problems Early: By getting regular inspections, you can spot potential issues with your vehicle before they become major problems. The sooner you identify an issue, the easier it will be to fix it, potentially saving you time and money in the long run.
    • Saves Money: Many vehicle inspections are relatively inexpensive, making them a cost-effective way to maintain your car’s health. By catching and fixing small problems before they become larger ones, you can save money by avoiding more expensive repairs down the road.
    • Keeps Your Warranty Valid: Depending on the type of warranty you have, getting regular inspections may be required in order to keep it valid. Be sure to check with your manufacturer or dealer to determine what kind of maintenance is necessary for keeping your warranty active.
    • Increases Resale Value: One of the most important benefits of vehicle inspections is that they can help boost the resale value of your car by ensuring it is in proper working order. If you plan on selling your vehicle, having a recent inspection report can prove its overall condition and increase the likelihood of finding a buyer.

    By getting regular inspections for your car, you can help ensure that it is safe to drive and in good working order. Doing so will also save you money in the long run and could even boost the resale value of the vehicle if you decide to sell it later on. Make sure to get your car inspected regularly for all these great benefits!




    Nilda C. Abramowitz
    Nilda C. Abramowitz
    The fact that they offer a complete line of brakes and brake repair services is what makes Auto Precision Repair the brake service leader in Los Angeles. They performed a brake test after they finished modifying and repairing the brakes. By far, the best quality break repair service.
    Markus stonic
    Markus stonic
    When I needed to find a mechanic, I went to the only place I had ever been, which is Auto Precision Repair. They were amazing and very patient with me, see I like to get a lot of modifications done to my car, lets just say I’m into that sorta thing.So I’m here so often that all I can say is good things, they’ve never let me down. I highly recommend taking your car to this mechanic, especially if you live in Thousand Oaks.
    Ferlyn Kelly
    Ferlyn Kelly
    They'll conduct a detailed vehicle inspection by looking inside, outside, under the hood, and under the vehicle, then provide you with a written report and keep a copy for their records. After the vehicle inspection and all the issues fixed, I now have my vehicle fit to use again.
    Emilia Nikitina
    Emilia Nikitina
    All of these different types of auto shops don’t compare to this one, they had great customer service and were very talented. Now anytime I have a repair needed for my car, big or small I go here, they are super honest and very straight forward. They always help me with the best route to take not only for my car but financially. Definitely made some new friends here.
    Samuel A. Holmes Holme
    Samuel A. Holmes Holme
    Auto Precision Repair gave us an affordable engine repair that was completely hassle-free and done with the utmost precision. Recognizing your good work in your area is one way to get more of it. So, for the big jobs, and you want to be worry free, take your car to this auto service shop!
    Christina Madigan
    Christina Madigan
    Great service!
    Cai Tien
    Cai Tien
    This is my go-to garage for both auto repair and maintenance. Their costs are fair, and the auto repair professionals give additional assurance because they are licensed to work in both local auto repair shops and car dealerships. I'm sure I'll keep working with this auto mechanic shop.
    Marcelo is Mercedes certified and really knows the ins and outs of Mercedes cars, plus many other car types, Toyota,Lexus, etc. I have brought my 1995 320E convertible to him for several repairs. An old oil leak was the first, and it was obvious he knew everything about my car. So I brought it back for the engine light, which turned out to just be the sensor switch and I was in and out in an hr. This is the only place I go to now. He is quick, fair and incredibly fast. Marcello goes above and beyond to be helpful, has a heart and he is handsome too. I feel just as confident with his partner Emilio who always greets me with a smile. If you want to hear singing and laughter while sitting in the clean waiting room, this is a visit well made and money well spent. 👏👏👌👌👍😁
    isaac martinez
    isaac martinez
    First thing, I let it slip that I had a certain amount to spend and they kept way lower then that amount. Very Honest.



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